Machines are blocks that perform useful operations and usually require power. They are the heart of the Industrial Craft Mod and allow many aspects of the game to be automated.

Processing MachinesEdit

Machine Uses Produces Power Cost 
Macerator Ores, Ingots, Cobblestone, Gravel, Bones, Blaze Rods Metal Dust (double ingots), Sand, Flint, Bonemeal, Blaze Powder

800 EU / Operation

Rotary Macerator Same as Macerator Same as Macerator 60 EU/s
Recycler Any Item Scrap 45 EU / Operation
Compressor Mixed Metal Ingots, Uranium, Copper, Coal Advanced Alloy, Refined Uranium, Dense Copper Plate, Diamond

800 EU / Operation

Extractor Sticky Resin, Rubber Wood, Rubber Sapling Rubber 800 EU / Operation
Electric Furnace Same as Furnace Same as Furnace 390 EU / Operation
Induction Furnace Same as Furnace Same as Furnace 320 EU/s
Canning Machine Vanilla Food Items, Tin Cans Canned Food 20 EU/s


Generator Max Power (EU/s) Possible Fuel Voltage
Water Mill 20 Water Cells Low
Solar Panel 20 Works in daylight Low
Wind Mill 80 Works when unobstructed Low
Generator 200 Wood, Coal, Scrap Low
Geothermal Generator 400 Lava Cells Low
Low Voltage Solar Array 160 Works in daylight Low
Medium Voltage Solar Array 1,280 Works in daylight Medium
High Voltage Solar Array 10,240 Works in daylight High
Nuclear Reactor 5,000+ (Huge) Uranium Cell High

EU Storage MachinesEdit

Machine Storage (EU) Storage (Coal) Charge time with Low Voltage Solar Array Voltage
BatBox 40,000 10 4 min 10 seconds Low
MFE 600,000 150 62 min 30 seconds Medium
MFSU 10,000,000 2500 17 hours High

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